Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our visits to Antigua!

We have been going to Antigua for several weeks now and we really like it. It is where Danny studies Spanish. It has cobble stone roads and very old buildings. There are 2 volcanoes you can see behind the city. It is gorgeous landscape. We had a great time this past week-end. As soon as we walked to the main drag we saw this family playing their instruments. We were all very impressed. They were all home made notice the turtle shell drum!! The little boy playing the marimba was standing on a stool.

We found a cool restaurant that we love Fonda de la calle Real. It must be a favorite here too ,there are 3 around town. We just thought we were walking in circles until we figured out there was more than one.
Titus decided to wriggle his loose tooth while we waited for our food and next thing we know he said Daddy it came out! So there we are in this nice restaurant with Titus tooth in hand, trying to conceal the blood and rush him to the bathroom. Like we are not a spectacle already (large gringo family in a foreign land) we have to throw some excitement in too!

Antigua is known for their cobble stone roads, quaint shops, antiques and a great history. This was a great photo op I could not pass up.

We finished up the day with Ice cream (we like ice cream down here Isaac can eat it too!) and a visit to the park. Needless say we have had some fun times in Antigua.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guatemala Living

We have been here in Guatemala for just over one month now. We are all adjusting well. It has taken some time for it to sink in that we are not going back home in a few days! Danny and I both have felt like we were on a long vacation or a short term Missions trip. As time goes by reality is setting in that we will be here for a while. We love the people, the food and the scenery. There is no other place we would rather be than right here. If only we could have all our friends & family here too!! The other day Chloe Ann said "Mama do you still remember all our other friends in the other world we used to live in and do they remember me?" I scooped her up and said I do and of course they do too.

We have all had a little culture shock but the funniest (not at the time) was bucks. They shoot fireworks off at all hours of the day & night. Needless to say Buck does not like the noise, he got a little nervous and decided to chew on the garage door!!!
Last week-end we were able to go to Santiago for a visit. It was great to take the kids back, they did not really remember much about last time they were there. As we caught the boat to cross the lake Isaac did remember that Chloe Ann had dropped her passy in the lake, and wondered if it might still be at the bottom.

We went by the Church and the pastor was finishing up a Wedding. It was nice to see him and personally tell him we were here. we stayed the night in Santiago and went to Market the next morning. We all have to get used to people staring. Danny & I can pretty much ignore the stares but it is hard for the kids. Titus gets more frustrated than the rest, but he does fine. Everyone loves babies here. Poor Naomi has to put up with the cheek pinching, hair rubbing, leg squeezing ect... I try to remind the kids some of these people may have never seen a family like ours before.

The kids loved the hammock at the hotel in Santiago.
While we were at Market we saw some really cool things. There was a man selling fresh water crabs from the lake. He had tied them up on sticks with leaves!
We also saw a man building furniture right there in the middle of everything. All the other men just stood around and watched. Notice the men in their typical wear.
We loved the boat ride to and from Santiago. It is so amazing to see the Beautiful Mountains, the view is gorgeous everywhere you look. I felt so small in the middle of the lake in a tiny boat with the mountains all around us. To think out of this whole world this is where the lord wants us to be. I feel honored and humbled at the same time that God has lead us to this wonderful place. My prayer is that we would be Salt & Light to the T'zutujil people.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I decided to join the bloggers!!

I have been reading your blogs & comments for a while now. You've made me laugh, cry, ponder, pray & Praise the Lord. I need friends right now even if it is through the blogging world, I know I will enjoy it.