Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun Family pictures...

The other day I grabbed the camera and headed to the garden and this is what I got....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Christ Chapel Bible Church, High School team

Our last team of the season was Christ Chapel Bible Church from Texas. They brought down a team of 64 it was a high school team and they had plenty of energy and were able to get a lot done. They were able to help at the Alfa & Omega church Camp, just outside of town. It was incredible to see how they swooped in and did so much work in so little time. We worked with them when they were pulling up coffee and trimming the branches. We had a delicious lunch with the team at the hotel. It was hamburgers & hot dogs yummy!! After lunch they asked us to share our ministry with them and what the Lord has in store for us here in Santiago and Guatemala for that matter. So as we all gathered around under a tree (not all of us fit under the tree) Danny shared about how the Lord led us here to Guatemala and what we will be doing here. Then I shared about our everyday life in Santiago, school, shopping, language, our kids, the culture ect..

One day we invited the team to come over for some lemonade after working at the camp. We all squeezed in, I have never had that many people around my table... It was awesome. Since we had spoken a few days earlier the kids had some more questions. We had a very detailed question and answer time. It was neat for Danny and I to see the questions they had, Maybe one day the Lord will lead some of these very students to the missions field...We enjoyed the time we spent with this team, the youth and the leaders were a true joy to be around. We look forward to the next time they can come.