Thursday, June 12, 2008


We have enjoyed all the new tasty foods we have encountered in here Guatemala.
Grocery shopping in Antigua is a bit difficult. Sometimes you can't get what you need or want. Now, I am not complaining because once we get to Santiago I won't even have a grocery store!!
Not too long ago I went shopping in the capital and It was great. I went to Hiper Paiz. It is our Guatemalan Wal-mart.
I managed to get several things we could not find in Antigua one of which was a jar of DILL PICKLES, I know you guys are thinking not that big of a deal. Honestly when I bought them I didn't think anything of it either. We got home and put the groceries away. I think Chloe Ann discovered them first and asked could she have some pickles I said "sure". She got a bowl out and had about 3 slices. She shared with Naomi and we laughed at the faces she made.
Then Isaac & Titus came in and said OOHHH pickles. Can we have some I said "sure thing guys". They each had their share. As you can tell we were about out of pickles, I think Danny came in and had the last two and had a big drink of the pickle juice. Titus said Mom the pickles are all gone. Could I make a pickle pop in the freezer? Like we used to have at Camp Pearl. I said "sure buddy".
As I was thinking about the pickles and I just had to laugh. We devoured a whole jar of pickles in about one hour (well Titus had to wait for his pickle pops to freeze).
Now that I think about it we have not had pickles since we left the states. We must have had Pickle withdrawals!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Visit from Alabama!!

We went to the Airport last Monday to pick up Jake & Maggie Lane, Danny's oldest niece and her husband. We were so excited to have them come down for a visit. The plane was about 30 minutes late so we were all anxious. We finally saw them walk through the door, but wait... who was with them?! "MEMAW" Titus screamed, I said who? Believe it or not it was Wanda. Danny's mother came down as a total surprise. We had no idea. They asked if we had suspected that she was coming. We had NO CLUE!! I was in such shock I did not take one picture at the airport. I had my camera on my shoulder but did not think to take one. I thought it was so cute when Chloe Ann got in the truck she said "I don't know who to sit by Maggie or Memaw"!

It was so neat to have her here too. We had all kinds of cool things planed and we were thrilled to be able to share them with her too. I know it was especially exciting for Danny to have his mother here.
We spent Monday afternoon and evening in Antigua. We took them to the Artisan Market. Wanda found a basket and loved seeing all the neat hand woven things.
We also went to the Local Market. This is were I buy all my fresh fruits & vegetables. It was a great time to go and see the Market, not too crowed but plenty of vendors still selling.

Pawpaw sent Danny & the boys new hats, they were so excited they wore them that day. Thank you Uncle David(who works at WEBB) & Pawpaw for the hats.We had waited since the first of May to climb the Volcano Pacaya for Isaac's Birthday. Since We knew Jake & Maggie were coming we decided to wait until they came. Memaw said she did not want Isaac to miss out on climbing the Volcano so she waited at the bottom of the Mountain in the little shop until we came back down.
This is the view as we were on our way up the Volcano. Isn't it gorgeous!!

Let me tell you I did not know what we were in for when we decided to climb Pacaya, but it was well worth it. Pedro our friend from Santiago, went as our guide. We even took Naomi!!
Here is the climbing crew minus Jake who took the picture.
Comforting isn't it.

I was so proud of my kids they climbed the whole way up. Chloe Ann did fall on the lava rock and got hurt. After a little consolation we were off to find the hot lava!! Titus & Isaac practically ran the whole way up. I was huffin & puffin. I think it was the altitude not the fact that I am so out of shape. hee hee

My rock climber Chloe!!

We found the Lava it was unbelievable. We were climbing over some rocks and had to turn around and go another way because the rocks were too hot!! Then we found it.The boys found a small hole in the rock that you could see the lava in. They would poke a stick in the hole and it would catch fire. They LOVED it.

This is the lava rock we had to climb as we looked for the hot lava. I liked the shapes it made as it oozed out.

This is the view as we left the mountain it was incredable. God is amazing! It was so awesome to see what He made for us to enjoy.

I just have to say I do not remember the last time time I was so tired. As we were coming down the mountain I did not think I would make it. Danny & I took turns carrying Naomi up and on the mountain but thanks to Pedro. He carried her the whole way down.

We wanted the family to see Santiago Atitlan. We got up early on Wednesday and headed out to the Lake. It's about a 3 hour drive from Antigua.

We stopped when we got our first glipse of the lake to take a group picture.

Chloe Ann just loves Maggie and had a great time with her all week.

We ate lunch at El Pescador, one of our favorites in Santiago. The sauted garlic fish plate is delicious!!

We were excited to show them our house in Santiago. We got the keys when we got there so we all got to stay in it for the first time together. I was a bit overwhelmed. It is an old house with a beautiful view of the lake. But mind you the house is 45 yrs old. So I have a lot of work to do before it is a "home".

We went on a boat ride and got dropped off at our dock.

Jake & the kids went swimming in the lake. The water is a bit cold but the locals bathe in it all the time!!

My monkeys climbing in the tree above the water.

Maggie helped by bathing the girls for me. It was nice having extra help around the house for a week.Jake found out why we call this shower a "widow maker" he tried to adjust the shower while it was on and running. He said it was a bit shocking!!
Maggie just loved the typical dress that the ladies wear. These girls were happy to have their picture taken with Maggie but they were also very emberassed!!

We got up early Friday morning to make the flight by 12:00.

Goodbyes are never easy, but we sure are glad they came down to visit us. We enjoyed seeing them and letting them see a week in the life of the Footes in Guatemala. Thanks for coming guys!