Friday, December 26, 2008

Highlights from the States(so far)!!

Packing the last few things at the Stewarts(thanks for the Suit case), before we leave Guatemala!!

We made it stateside, Layover in Fort Lauderdale.

The night we flew in was Titus Birthday!! So the next day the family had planned a fun filled day of celebration with balloons, friends, family and of course RIBS!!!!

Balloon sword "Warriors"
(Chloe Ann, Titus, Maddie, CJ, & Isaac)

Will & Morgan entertained us with their music!!

It was great to see everyone, and spend time together. We spent 4 days in Alabama, Then we came down to New Orleans.
More to come!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

UH OH Chicken anyone!!

We got Roxy as a puppy last January hoping one day she would grow up to be a great guard dog. She has grown up a lot and is a good dog and obeys for the most part. She is vicious looking and it keeps people from wanting to come into our yard and our house for that matter.
She also likes to bring us gifts like possum and little birds, or the neighbors shoes. Sunday we came home from church and there were feathers all over the yard. Danny and I just looked at each other. Danny said "Oh no we are going to have to replace a chicken. We were walking around the yard wishing she would not have done this. We could not believe it!! Then we rounded the corner of the house and we found it!!!!


I guess all we have to replace is a feather duster. If we can find the owner! It was a good laugh for us...

Thanksgiving Pics

Our Yummy meal, it made us all think of home:)

Enjoying time with friends & a good meal Playing in the Garden