Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Day in the life of Danny...

A couple of weeks ago several pastors called Danny and asked if they could meet. Danny said sure, you name the time and place and I will be there. Danny invited me to go with him, I said yes. I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you a little of what Danny does. So here we go....
We walked down to the boat dock around 8 in the morning to wait for a boat, look how beautiful it was I could not resist taking a few pictures. Look at the picture below, here comes the boat.

The boat picked us up in Panajachel and took us to San Juan  were the meeting would be. It was a gorgeous 30 minute boat ride, the sun was shining on the rolling mountains and the water was so crisp and clear.  
Once we got to San Juan we looked for a Tuk-tuk (motorized taxi) you can see it in front of Danny in the picture below (red & white)   We got to the church and knocked on the door but no one was there. Danny said lets just walk down to the Pastors home and see if he is there.  

He was there and the other Pastors were waiting there for us too.  I really enjoyed meeting the Pastors wife and watching her every day to-dos. She was so creative. First she put her coffee out in the sun to dry.

Then she fed her colorful parrot "lorita" 2 tortillas. She then proceeded to hang up her weaving. She is making a woman's typical belt. It was very detailed, she said it takes her several weeks to make one.
I joined the meeting and they asked me to help them by sending an e-mail to a family who will be coming to live in Guatemala very soon.  I was happy to translate this message for them and send it. 

After the meeting they said they had made arrangements for us to eat at a little restaurant run by a lady from their church. Yum, yum Fish was on the menu for everyone, with a side of rice and delicious guacamole.

By this time it was 1:30, Lunch was finished and everyone went their separate ways. It was time for us to go check on the kids, which we had left on the other side of the lake. So we headed back to the boat dock to get on the boat.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Abigail

On March 3 Abigail turned 1 year old, hard to believe it has already been one year. Time is really flying.
 We had a small party for her, we just invited a few families. It was just right for her.
 Playing with Chloe, and learning to share.
 All the kids, 
 Abi & Rosie
She loved ripping the paper while opening her presents. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Week-end Quest

Last month our CAM ministry team had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Mini- Quest. It is intended  for CAM missionaries, to assist teams in their development so that they might be better equipped to share life together and minister. It was led by Keegan Williamson and Jon Edwards. We were able to get away to CAM's retreat center 'Las Buenas Neuvas' in Panajachel

It was great to spend the week-end with these wonderful people. I was encouraged and blessed by each one of them. 

Sandi was a great help with the kiddos. She and Maria were so caring and energetic! They were able to keep up with all of them.
Time for a little Bocce ball.

Great fellowship on a beautiful afternoon.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Honduras part III

My parents took us to the Island of Utila off the coast of Honduras for several days. It was so neat to see our kids explore Gods creation. We rented Little Cay (click this link to see more) and it was wonderful to get away and rest!!
Danny and little Abi

The first day we got there we had to evacuate and go to the main Island of Utila for one night. Once it was safe to come back we still had some strong wind, you can see Danny and my Dad braving the wind.


The calm after the storm, we really enjoyed the gorgeous sun sets each night.  

We had the whole Island to ourselves, It was so calm and relaxing.

We enjoyed the sea life on the Island and under water too. It was neat to be able to take pictures of what we saw under water, colorful fish, squid, eel and much more.....

Chloe Ann is ready to go snorkeling!!

All good things must come to an end, we loaded up into the boat that took us back to the main land. We have wonderful memories and great pictures to think back on our time together on the Island.
THANK YOU, Mimi and Grandsir for a Wonderful time together, We love you.