Thursday, August 11, 2011


When you hear the clapping of hands and smell tortillas cooking you know it is time to eat. Here in Guatemala tortillas are served with every meal. In this video you can see how to make tortillas on a "plancha" (flat griddle with fire underneath). Keep in mind these women do not use a spatula or tongs, to pick them up or flip them over, they have hands of steal. My favorite time to eat a tortilla is hot off the plancha with a little salt sprinkled inside then rolled up, it is delicious. 

Now let me tell you, as easy as she makes this look, just pick up a little masa (freshly ground corn, dough) roll it up then flatten it out, right? Well, after 4 years of living here in Guatemala I can make tortillas but I do not look as graceful and natural as this sweet lady. I also might add that my tortillas are not always round and as thin!!! It is an art that is learned from the time the girls are old enough to clap. Chloe Ann and Naomi make much better Tortillas than I do!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Abigail's bed...

This was our solution to having a bed room too small for a crib to put Abigail in. Danny suggested we go shopping on one of the Main streets here in Santiago, he had seen this hammock before. It is a really neat hammock that hangs from the ceiling. We hung it high enough so it won't hit our feet, and yet Abi is still close by.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Growing up fast

It is hard to believe our sweet little Abigail is 5 months old today! As I set up my "studio" to take pictures of Abi, I decided to take pictures of all the kids. It is incredible how fast the kids are growing, I always heard that when I was young but you never really know how fast kiddos grow until they are almost grown. Titus is 13, Isaac is 11, Chloe Ann is 9 and Naomi is 4.

Abi has been rolling over for a couple weeks now, she loves to smile and laugh and especially catch your attention. She has just started to cough or squeal to get our attention. She continues to be a good baby and is very happy all the time.