Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Kiddos...

So many times I step back and look at my kids in amazement. I know every parent does but we have really pulled our kids out of their comfort zone and they have done extremely well. I praise God for his faithfulness to our family, when we are so far away from everything we know.

A couple of weeks ago Titus had a major project due in school, he had to research 32 inventions, find the inventor and the date it was invented, write a description about them, & draw a picture of each one. (IN SPANISH DON'T FORGET!!) We were proud of his work... then he came home and he had the second best grade in the whole class. Yeah we were thrilled. Titus likes school and enjoys the friends he has there.

Isaac likes school, and he does well. He came home the other day and told us that he won the prize for finishing all his work the fastest. He loves a challenge. Both Titus & Isaac are learning to use a Cayuco(wooden canoe). They borrow our gardeners as much as they can. Titus stands in the back and rows while Isaac sits in the front and rows. They have been into town and back a couple of times but usually I just like them to stay close.

Chloe Ann-6
Chloe Ann is our social butterfly and really enjoys her friends at school. She is learning to read and wrtie. Her favorite thing to do is write words down as I say them to her, she usually has a Spanish list and an English list so I can call out both and she will spell it and put it in the right list.
She reminds me of 'me' always ready to have a good time :)

Naomi is our little laugher. She loves to laugh and has this deep belly laugh that is very contageous. Last week she woke up and said "no please diaper' I said OK but you cannot go on my floor...well she didn't!!!! And up until yesterday had not had an accident. She was running for the bathroom and just didn't make it. Happens to the best of us :) She loves to wear her corte(the typical dress here), When we go to Market the ladies all ask me if I will give her to them.. Naomis says 'no Gracias' and frowns at them.