Saturday, August 23, 2008

Moving Day to Santiago

We moved out to Santiago the last week-end in July. The church in Santiago sent out some men from the church to help us move from Antigua to the lake. It was so neat for us to see how different we are. Even just moving boxes. They would strap a towel around their forehead and hold the stuff on their backs. Let me start out by saying that to get to our house you have to park the truck about two blocks away and walk down a small path through coffee fields, corn fields and by neighbors to reach our house.
Let me tell you these men are real men. Jose carried our fridge on his back almost two blocks to our house. He was tired when he got their but only caught his breath and went back for the washer!!!!!We are very thankful to these brave guys who helped us move.

Davie Visit

In July we had a great visit with my family. My parents, Pat & Ann Carolyn, my brother Warren, Patty, Warren Jr, Andrea & Diego came down. We had an awesome time together.

We spent half of our time in Antigua and the other half out at Lake Atitlan.

We played a serious game of base ball in Antigua. It was a very close game. We were all cheering the kids on. In the end Isaac, Diego & Warren won the game!!! Go guys.

Once we got out to the lake we had all kids of fun activities. Mimi brought kites, Patty brought water balloons, we collected puma stone out of the lake, and I can't count how many times the boys rolled down the hill. The best thing was whatever we did we were all together making great memories. Naomi is armed and ready.
Run Warren!!

Even though it was a little cold they loved swimming in the lake.

You know me I have to take a few scenery shots too.The Davie family trip is not complete without a good LOOOONG game of monopoly. Grandsir & Warren always enjoy playing with the little entrepreneurs to be!!

Diego we are so proud of you it was your first time to win CONGRATULATIONS!!

YEA DIEGO!!! The Daniel Foote Family

The Warren Davie FamilyThank you family for all the neat treats you brought for us and the great times of fun and fellowship we had together. It is great to have a Godly family who loves the Lord and wants to glorify Him in all you do. We appreciate you and the time you spent with us.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spiders and Scorpions & Crabs OH MY!

I hesitate to blog about this stuff because I don't want to discourage anyone from coming down, but it is a fact. We have them all! We found a nice big tarantula in the entrance of the house before we even moved in. Nice Huh?

Since we have been in the house we have found at least one scorpion a day. I have had a hard time thinking about living with these critters. We have been told they will not kill you if you get stung. That still does not make me feel any better.

The other morning I got up and heard a pitter patter of what I thought was a mouse. Then we heard a loud scratching noise. Danny found the noise and it was a CRAB!!

Needless to say life has been very interesting since we moved in. I will blog about our move and house soon.