Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random pictures of my kiddos...

Titus is 11, he is our people person and loves to meet new friends. Isaac is 9, he is such a joy to be around always happy. He enjoys hanging out with Titus.
Chloe Ann is 7, she likes school and her friends she has made, it is neat to see how she shines around others.

Naomi is 2, she is our funny girl. She loves to make faces and make people laugh. Her favorite thing to do is play with her friends & siblings.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ayore Team

This month we had a team from the Ayore Church in Kansas. They were here for a total of 10 days. We really enjoyed getting to know this group. It was Pastor Casey & his wife Karen and 3 of their youth Zack, Elsie & Libbie. It was a joy to have them stay with us in our home.

This team came to work at Camp David Phillips. Alfa & Omegas camp just a few kilometers out side of Santiago. We all went in the morning and when the kids got out of school at 12:30 we would take them out to help too. The Church is in the process of building a wall around the camp.

We carried blocks, sand, rocks and sifted sand. It was very hard work, I have not worked like this in a long time and I was very sore...

All work and no play is not fun so after we worked hard for several days we took a day off and went to THE BEACH.... If you have never seen the Beaches here in Guatemala it is worth it. The sand is BLACK and the ocean is fierce!!!

We also had the opportunity to go on visitation with the church youth. We prayed for this man who has had a lot going on with his family and needed some prayer.

After working all week by ourselves we had reinforcements come in and help us on Saturday. It was a team of 64 from Texas (my next blog!!) I said that to say it was nice to be able to work with such a big group. When you have a lot of people the work goes by a lot faster. Once the other team got here we were clearing the land. We were clearing coffee. Digging it up from the roots, pulling the whole plant out, then stripping the leaves and branches with machetes. Naomi, Chloe Ann, Libbie & Casey were having fun... not sure what was going on but it was cute!!!
We had a great time with these guys and and were so happy to get to know them. We praise the Lord for good health, good weather and awesome attitudes.

Casey got to go with Danny & Diego to the Pastoral Leadership training that has just gotten underway in the last few months. Pastors and leaders from the Solola area are invited to come and take classes on various topics. (No pictures!!)

I don't like to say good bye....

Last month we said good bye to some good friends we met here in Santiago. Jared & Traci were here in Santiago for a little under one year. Just long enough to really get to know them. We always had fun anytime we were together. They were here volunteering and helping in many different places. It was neat for me to see how the Lord used them in the time they were here.

This picture was taken at the going away party for them. It was great to see all the people who came to the party, people they had worked with and others they were friends with.

We are ALL sad to see them go. We will be waiting for that visit back here our good friends. We will be praying for what the Lord has in store for the two of you. The other day we walked by Milpas & Naomi said "lets go see miss Traci" I told her you went home to the states. Not sure if she understands that or not. We have had a lot of people coming and going lately.
You are missed by all of us.