Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Feliz Navidad,

Let me just start the letter out by saying we LOVE Guatemala! We have been here almost three months and we are thrilled to be here. We are really enjoying getting to know the people, learning the culture, and trying new recipes. It has definitely been an adjustment but we are taking it in strides and soaking up every minute.
We are so excited to spend our first Christmas here in Guatemala. It has been so neat to see so many new and different things. We have also enjoyed the familiar things. Central Park in Antigua is completely white with lights. Santa Clause was there Saturday night with a full orchestra playing Christmas music. My parents are coming down on Christmas day, what a Christmas gift huh? The kids are counting down the days. We have planned lots of fun things to do but the best time will be spent together.
Danny and I have had the wonderful opportunity to join David Gomez (Guatemala director of Evangelism Explosion Guatemala) a few times in Yalu. He has started a ministry to the people there. They have no church within 8 kilometers (down a dirt road through the mountains). They have only had the gospel for one year. As Danny and I sat in a house with Ed & Eleanor Beach, David Gomez and the three believers that are studying the Bible, We knew this is what the Lord has for us, not necessarily this group of people but this kind of ministry. A few weeks ago we went out with David as he was teaching the believers how to evangelize. We visited a neighbor’s house. They were both very attentive the wife made tortillas the whole time while the husband sat with us. Finally the husband told his wife to come sit by him. David continued to tell the story of Adam & Eve and explained the power of God. He also told the story about Jesus walking on water to show how Peter had faith. After a few questions they both knelt and asked the Lord to be their Savior, and Lord of their lives. It was Awesome! Please pray for the people in Yalu as the Lord works in their lives.
We now live in Antigua, we moved the week-end after Thanksgiving. It is a 3 bedroom house and has a large living area. The kids really enjoy the big yard. We live on the base of the Volcano Agua which is dormant and we can see the Volcano Fuego which is active. It is so neat to wake up in the morning and see the gorgeous view of both Volcanoes. The last couple of nights we have been able to see the volcano erupting. The kids really liked seeing that.
Danny is doing great in Spanish school. He is finishing up his 2nd book this week and will start his 3rd book the week after Christmas. At the pace he is going he should be finished by this summer. He is learning quickly. Please pray that he will continue learning and retain the language. It can be frustrating at times for him but he is doing really well.
Praise the LORD. We are so excited to tell you all that Jerry & Sarah Lastrapes are officially CAM candidates. Please pray for them as they are starting their support raising process to come down to Guatemala. We will all be working as a team around the Lake. It will be wonderful to have them help us with church Leadership training. We are so anxious to see what the Lord has in store for all of us.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Titus Birthday

I still cannot believe we have a new pet. Titus decided to get an Iguana for his birthday. This is Gator!

Football or Soccer??

The kids were playing soccer in the yard the other day Chloe Ann was doing everything she could so Titus would not get a goal.

We are really enjoying the wonderful weather here. The locals think it is sooo cold. We will be in short sleeves and the locals will have sweaters and scarfs.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

We are alive and well!!

Hey guys,

Thank you all for your questions and concern. The week after Thanksgiving we moved to Antigua and sad to say we do not have internet at the house. I have to go in town to check or recieve E-mail. I will blog again soon. I have lots of cool material.