Tuesday, September 29, 2009

lets cook...

When I go shopping in the market my choices are usually what is in season. The usuals are potatoes, carrots, beans, cabbage, and a few others. I have a pretty good selection but today I was able to get nice eggplant, fresh green beans and corn on the cob!!!

All the kids pitched in to help cook. It was a fun time together and it made dinner preparation a lot faster.
I didn't even notice the sky until I was downloading the pictures but it was a gorgeous sunset!!

Chloe Ann was washing the green beans,

Isaac & Naomi were cutting the ends off the beans. Titus asked if he could cook the egg plant. I was too busy supervising to take a picture of the process but he fixed fried eggplant that was delicious.

I was very proud of Titus, he fixed the eggs, mixed the batter, dipped it all and cooked it to perfection. Not bad for 11 yrs old.

Danny went to Market with me and helped carry all the bags home.

Everyone helped today!!