Sunday, May 16, 2010

Xocomil (shocomeel) ~part 3~

We took a day and drove down to the coast, there is a great water park there and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We were joined by the Minches was good to get to know them and their sweet boys.
Naomi posing for the picture...
The BIG kids got to run around on their own...I caught them all here and snapped a picture before they all ran to another slide.
Chloe Ann, Josue, David, Isaac & Titus
This one was a bit too much for Chloe Ann... The Boys LOVED it!!

ISAAC'S Birthday!!! ~part 2~

On Isaac's Birthday we decided to spend the day in Panajachel, It was a great day for a boat ride. Here we are in our front yard waiting for the boat to pick us up.

Here we are eating Lunch at Isaac's favorite place...Guajimbos!
We were being serenaded by some street singers.
Titus & Grandsir in the boat ride over to Pana

Mimi & Chloe Ann trying to keep the wind out of their face.
Naomi and me staying warm
Danny and the Birthday boy!!!

Since Chloe Ann Isaac and I have Birthdays within 3 weeks my sweet mother brought gifts for all of us and we celebrated all of them!!
Thanks Mom it was lots of fun...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Visit from My Parents ~part 1~

On our way to pick up my parents we got caught in road blocks down on the coast. We had to call a fellow missionary to pick them up. We back tracked and finally made it to the capitol 5 hours later....Never a dull moment here in Guatemala!!
After we met up with Mom & Dad we stayed in the capitol for several days while the SETECA Missions Conference was going on. The whole family got to go on the last night. It was neat to see so many people, some I have not seen in years.

The kids (and I) really enjoyed the pool at the hotel.
It was a good little vacation for us, even more fun having Mimi & Grandsir there.

They are the most awesome parents, I am so proud they came down to visit!!
More to come.....