Thursday, January 29, 2009

School has Started Again

Here in Guatemala the school year is from January to October. Last year our kids got to attend the church school here in Santiago 'Colegio Alpha Y Omega' for about one month. We decided to send them again this year so they could really perfect their Spanish and meet more friends.

My kids are not the only blonde kids in school right now! We have a few Doctors who are volunteering at the Hospitalito who have decided to send their kids too.

"Pablo's Fish Camp"

We have a neighbor who has a little restaurant/hostel in Santiago. He is from Colorado and spends the winters in Guatemala. We have enjoyed getting to know the English speakers in our town through his little restaurant. There is a small Hospital in town and they have volunteers from all over the world work there. It has been fun to meet the different people who have come to work here in Santiago. Pablo serves fish on Fridays and we all enjoyed it last Friday. He has a big Jocote tree in the patio and the kids really like to climb it.Another treat has been PIZZA with "real peperoni's".

Thanks Pablo for the good cuisine!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Day Out...

The day after we got to New Orleans my sweet (awesome) sister in law said she would like to keep mine & Heathers kids while we go out for the day. Let me tell you, not too many people offer to keep 8 kids (4 mine & 4 Heathers) plus 3 of her own!!! Thankfully mom was also there to help.

I had not seen my sister Heather since May and had only spoken once since then. I live on the side of a volcano in Guatemala, she lives in the boonies in Mexico so communication is rare. It was great to be able to talk and catch up on life and how each other was doing. We laughed and we cried, it was wonderful. Even though we live in different countries and have different lifestyles and live in different cultures so much of what we go through seems to be so similar.

We jumped in the car, left the house, looked at each other and said now what:) We went to get pedicures with a massage. The lady who did Heathers toes was fascinated with her, she kept telling her "You so beautiful" and she is it was just funny hearing it so many times in one hour from a stranger! We had a good laugh about that.

Then we went to the mall and got a few things, and finished off the afternoon with some good ol coffee from Cafe Du Monde.

Thank you Patty and Mom I had a much needed day with my sweet lil sister whom I admire and look up to in so many ways. She is an inspiration and encouragement to me and I am so blessed to have her as my sister.

First few days in New Orleans (Nawlins for those of you not from there):)

All the cousins had a blast swimming at Uncle Warren & Tia Patty's house.

The boys got to play video games too! (left-right Titus, Isaac, Tucker, Diego, Silas)
Chloe Ann & Andrea were so excited to see each other, they spent every moment they could together.
Heather with her two youngest, Annie & Ruben
Annie & Naomi loved the oranges Tia Patty had. We could not resist this photo with us all around the kitchen counter. (left-right Heather, Annie, Ann Carolyn (mom) Naomi, Daphne(me:)