Monday, November 28, 2011

Honduras part III

My parents took us to the Island of Utila off the coast of Honduras for several days. It was so neat to see our kids explore Gods creation. We rented Little Cay (click this link to see more) and it was wonderful to get away and rest!!
Danny and little Abi

The first day we got there we had to evacuate and go to the main Island of Utila for one night. Once it was safe to come back we still had some strong wind, you can see Danny and my Dad braving the wind.


The calm after the storm, we really enjoyed the gorgeous sun sets each night.  

We had the whole Island to ourselves, It was so calm and relaxing.

We enjoyed the sea life on the Island and under water too. It was neat to be able to take pictures of what we saw under water, colorful fish, squid, eel and much more.....

Chloe Ann is ready to go snorkeling!!

All good things must come to an end, we loaded up into the boat that took us back to the main land. We have wonderful memories and great pictures to think back on our time together on the Island.
THANK YOU, Mimi and Grandsir for a Wonderful time together, We love you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Honduras part II

I was born in Honduras and lived there the first 8 years of my life. After my parents moved away we still continued to visit over the years. Danny and I were able to go on several trips with my parents, before we married and after. It has been 15 years since Danny and I had been to Honduras. We were able to see many friends, and loved ones. 

 My parents with the Sandovals (my sister in laws parents), in Spanish they are 'consuegros' (we don't have a word for it in English.)
 In Siguatepeque we had a great lunch at the Granja D'Elia, the kids liked seeing the monkeys and the parrots.
 These sweet girls are like nieces to me, their mother Lesbia lived with us when we lived in Honduras. It was so kind of them to give up their rooms so we could stay with their family. I loved seeing my kids play with hers.
 Naomi and Marcela

 It was like a homecoming, being able to see so many friends. It was especially exciting for me to see the influence my parents had on so many people when they lived in Honduras. Teenagers would come up to  my parents and say "I don't personally know you but my parents think the world of you and pray for you every day. Thank you for investing in my parents." During the Sunday church service the man who was preaching spotted my Dad, he called out 'Don Pat', he stopped speaking, walked over to my dad and hugged him. He then said 'I am sorry it is not every day you Pat Davie in the service'. These were young men my Dad spent hours with mentoring. To see the respect and reverence they have for him was incredible. 
 The Alvarado family has grown. 
It was good to see David & Fernanda too!
 Last but not least we got to see Don Julio Marriaga, let me tell you, he looks great. He was my fathers mentor when we moved to Honduras in the 70's and he is like a Grandfather to me. It was so much fun to sit and talk with him and have my kids listen to him tell stories. My dad was also remembering stories from years back.
We had great times with good friends and made wonderful memories.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Honduras part I

Last month Danny was asked to teach a workshop at a Conference in Honduras. It was a Business as Missions Conference. He spoke on the Biblical approach in Business and the Theology of Vocation.
It was extra special because my parents were there too. 
We had a great time with other CAM missionaries from Honduras and Dallas.
our kids really enjoyed making new friends. They are looking forward to seeing them again at our CAM Convocation next summer.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mr. David Paul Ekstrom

     Today is a sad day here in Guatemala. Mr. David Ekstrom went to meet his savior this morning, he was 85 years old. Dave was one of the most loving, humble, faithful servants I have had the privilege to meet and work with. He  leaves behind a legacy of 60 years of faithful ministry. He and his sweet wife Helen (who survives him) dedicated their lives to Bible translation among the indigenous people of Guatemala, including the K'anjobal, Popti' (formerly Jacalteco) and Chuj. Danny and I count it a privilege to have been able to work with them the last few years. I am honored to have had them in our home, call them friends and team mates. We loved to sit and listen to the incredible stories from their pioneer days when they first got here to Guatemala. To be able sit in workshops under them and be in awe at the knowledge he and Helen both have about the Scriptures. Mr. David will truly be missed by many people all over the world (but especially Guatemala). 

Please pray for his dear wife Helen of 61 years, she is an incredible lady who served faithfully by his side their whole marriage.