Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kristyn, our intern for the month of June!!

Kristyn was an absolute joy to have in our home last month. She is from our sending Church, Bible Center Church in Luling, LA. We have known her for many years but to actually live together for a month you learn a lot more about each other! We laughed a lot, we cried some, but most of all we enjoyed every minute she was with us.

Kristyn had the opportunity to work in the Alfa & Omega School. The English teacher was gone for one month so Kristyn was able to help the kids continue their studies. All the students really liked her, she was a kind, loving, Teacher who cared about the kids.

Hard at work teaching the little ones their numbers, colors, and days of the week.

She also taught them Duck, Duck, Goose!!! They loved it. The boys would run all over the field while the girls would barely run around the circle.

This is the Mirador (the look out). It is a great view of the lake and you can see for miles around. The guy standing on the right is our Tz'utujil teacher Diego. He took Patin & tortillas for us to eat. (My next blog is about Diego)
The kids had some time off from school. We decided to take a trip to the beach so Kristyn could see the black sand beaches. AND we did relax and enjoy our time there too.

We went to Pana one day and had a lot of fun shopping and showing Kristyn life in Pana.
The last week Kristyn was here was a busy one. She studied Spanish in the mornings, and we studied Tz'utujil. We had a team come in from North Carolina and we were helping them all week. In the afternoons we would go with them to the Colonia and have VBS classes for the kids.

It was neat to be able to work with the team and to have Kristyn here to help out with all we were juggling.

Kristyn, we appreciate all your hard work and the time you spent with our kids. You became part of our family for a brief month and it was very sad to see you go at the end of the month.