Monday, November 28, 2011

Honduras part III

My parents took us to the Island of Utila off the coast of Honduras for several days. It was so neat to see our kids explore Gods creation. We rented Little Cay (click this link to see more) and it was wonderful to get away and rest!!
Danny and little Abi

The first day we got there we had to evacuate and go to the main Island of Utila for one night. Once it was safe to come back we still had some strong wind, you can see Danny and my Dad braving the wind.


The calm after the storm, we really enjoyed the gorgeous sun sets each night.  

We had the whole Island to ourselves, It was so calm and relaxing.

We enjoyed the sea life on the Island and under water too. It was neat to be able to take pictures of what we saw under water, colorful fish, squid, eel and much more.....

Chloe Ann is ready to go snorkeling!!

All good things must come to an end, we loaded up into the boat that took us back to the main land. We have wonderful memories and great pictures to think back on our time together on the Island.
THANK YOU, Mimi and Grandsir for a Wonderful time together, We love you.


Carpenters said...

Beautiful pics. I just want to jump into some of them:) Glad y'all had a great time with your parents.

DicForDoc said...

amazing and cute.i'm glad to see this site

Clélia Amorim said...

confira esse site vc quer ganhar dinheiro na internet confira venha fazer parte do nosso grupo ente e confira